A brief play in three acts: sex, love and death, not necessarily in that order. Melancholic queer women sing about melancholic cis white men who love hot women and are sad about it. A cat speaks. No one dies onstage.

OceanTalk, A Podcast

Ep. 1 "Jelly Fish!"

Ep. 2 "Whales" (Liza Birkenmeier)

Ep. 3 "Mysteryfungrabbagepisode" (Liza Birkenmeier)

Every week Laurie and Beth, two mid-western English teachers who have never seen the ocean, discuss sea-themed topics with special guests! 


An alcoholic poet and her ambitious lover let their relationship degrade in the northern woods. A supernatural empress moonlights as a yoga instructor. An Irish sculptor tries American beer for the first time and regrets the end of her marriage.

Ephemera  (Or The Years I Spent Doing Nothing)

4 women, 3 men, 90 minutes

Two perfectly banal years in the life of a failed playwright.

Charles Fisher Is Dead

1 woman, 3 men, 2 gender neutral spiritual entities, 70 minutes

One cannabis farm in the mountains outside of Missoula MT brings together four lost souls and a pack of wild dogs.

Kill Fox Kill Kill

1 human, 1 fox, 30 minutes

 Lumberjack Remmington has spent the past 15 years hunting Basquiat, a fox and fetishist, in the hopes of winning the love of a woman who may or may not know that he exists. A melancholy fairy tale with some live music.


6 women, 1 man, 90 minutes

A salesman with a passion for American foods crashes his car at a rural Vermont convent where women balance on a razor's edge between repression and need.

Julie In The Badlands

1 woman, 2 men, 4 gender neutral, a cactus

Julie is a young professional on an eco honeymoon in the American badlands with her fiancee when she stumbles across a very sadistic (and very dusty) drifter.


2 women, 5 men, 90 minutes

When Pittsburgh's most beloved neighborhood is invaded by the undead, a pair of depressed idiots must race against time (and reason) to save the town. But is it too late already?

The Death of A Stupid Man (Or How I Became An Internet Sensation)

2 women, 1 man, 1 gender neutral, 15 minutes

Don is a stupid man who kills himself while trying to use Smartphone GPS. When Dawn, his girlfriend, catches the macabre event on her own phone, he becomes an instant post-mortem, viral sensation in the age of technological voyeurism.

A Vanishing Act

2 men, 2 women, 4 gender neutral, 100 minutes

An ambivalent student of economics fantasizes about leaving behind his drug-fueled liberal arts college and the girlfriend who loathes him for the serenity of the Swiss Alps.

That A***hole With The Stick

3 women, 2 men, 20 minutes

A couple must endure a harrowing bus ride that includes invasive men, a woman who enjoys tobogganing and some awkward phone messages.

Pipe! Bomb! Love! Dream!

5 male, 2 female, 3 gender neutral 1 hr 40 minutes

In a far away kingdom a neurotic assassin seeks out his own ego while an anxious (but slightly stupid) young woman seeks  real love.